Video Surveillance -

A professionally conducted covert video surveillance is one of the most accurate methods of determining the specific capabilities and activities of your subject. It creates a visual and reviewable record of your subject’s activities that can be utilized for current claims evaluation or stored for future use as necessary. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Background Investigations...

Can include, but not limited to the following:

Internet Investigations

Our investigators utilize the internet on a daily basis to assist our clients in gathering factual information. Our investigators are extremely proficient at the cost effective use of the internet to develop investigative leads, sources, data, and various types of media.

Activities Check

Discreet, Thorough

We also provide activities checks, both covert and overt. This can provide you with insight into your claimant’s daily activities and routines.

Beneficial in determining if surveillance is warranted.


Written and / or recorded

Our investigators have extensive training in interviewing skills


We also provide location service to assist our clients in locating uninsured motorists, delinquent debtors, witnesses, and other missing persons. 


We also provide basic subrogation investigation to determine the possibility and feasibility of subrogation of your claim.

Assests & Financial Investigations

Frequently used to uncover tangible assets and determine the financial status of individuals after subrogation has found further investigation is warranted. Useful in civil litigation matters and whenever an individual's financial affairs may have bearings in the matters at hand.